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The pressure medicine is one of the fields of holistic therapy science and indeed is one of the completed treatments of physician, medicine and nursing that is complementary. Indeed through design for treatment and prevention of sickness and releasing of pain and also epidemic diseases, considered all begin of human such as body and soul, and today has huge application in the developed societies.  Especially from 1981 when identified AIDS, for prevention of transforming sickness through needle, replaced acupuncture medicine in many issues, pressure medicine is the future of china acupuncture medicine and theory of the medicine of Far East and with more than 4000antiquity is added to west psychology science. This effective method moved form India and china to Japan and then to the north of USA and changed according to the conditions and requirements of west societies until founded such as today form in 1972 by Mrs. Ionmarshua Teequarden . The pressure

medicine or china medicine without needle is part of China’s culture that welcomed with global scientific commissions in the recent years. The importance of this method is that used of the top of hand fingers and there sine any necessity for using of drug or needle or another treatment tools.