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For traditional medicine believes, all of materials that are in the natural, briefed in 2 powers among Yin and Yang,

These two powers acts as 2 contrast sides that the balance of these two power guarantees the health of human , on the base of the Yin and Yang theory , any phenomenon or creature in the world involved 2 contrast views that usually are in paradox and while are depended to each others, the main features among Yin considered in the from of water and total features of Yang as fire. Yin and Yang due to flow of life energy , called chin in body. This flow rotated through channels or circuits under special topography and indeed its shortage or high amount of it result on sickness ,Chi is a figurative word that involved pathology, physiology and clinic medicine various aspects. It is along with blood and the main liquids of body and body structure enters to body that is necessary for life activities, indeed the word Chi indicated of material and cited activity, we can consider it as life energy source in feeding of organs and providing support of body against out factors that it is involved of 2 heritage and achievement parts, this necessary energy in China called Chi and in Japan called Ki and in India called Prana it is the energy that Reich , the famous psychologist cited it as organic energy and then called bioplasma, ands also called it as electro magnetic energy that used in balancing of soul and body, given tradition believes of china , safety system of human involved 3Zang organs and 5 Fu organs, heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney and Prichard are 3 Zang organs . the main activity of them are storing and producing necessary materials such as necessary needs , Chi, blood, and liquids. Little gut , bile, abdomen, long gut, vesica, and sanjia or Triple warmer considered as 6organs of cited organ. In traditional medicine of china , imagine human body ascomplexes of channels and meridians that any one of them started from an special point that move long way in body , indeed these channels are responsible of relation internal organs with various contexts and also level centers of body, system of channels and meridians and Kolatrals made of 12mian channels, 8 sub channels and 15 kolatals, and their duty are flowing blood and Chi, warming, and feeding contexts of all of body, so that Zang –Fo organs has stable structure, and work with each other, and form body as harmonic complex. From pathologic view, the channels and kolatrals are responsible of result and transforming sickness.

When, the work of channel stopped, due to various diseases. There is points in body that has priority as compare with another points and life energy are more active in them, or energy and its flow changes, and all of these points are depended to the main and sub channels and their side sections, so meridians connected to the organs. This question everyday raise that if in these points form anatomic view , is especial construction for identification, the research of Malzak et al showed that there is relation 71%of these points are related to the Subo with trigger points, and research on trigger points started from 1952, the results of these studies collected in 1983 as a big book that showed there is sensitive and big points behind muscles that when excitement due to pain in a point with wider scale and in higher distance, these sensitive points called Ah-Shi and excite of them due to calmness of  pain, most of these points are adopted on environment big nerve, the leveling point of nerve and skin nerve that exit of deep points, the out points of nerve form bone holes ,are the connection point of nerve to muscle and sometimes blood vessels to sutred robots, while until now don’t covered pipe or magic way for being of meridian

The Japan scientists believed that meridians exited by muscle movement or serial reflection related to muscles, this theory referred to traditional believes, that feels were guider of energy in body and the body need to creating energy by feels, in another words both physical movement and soul excitements due to exciting Chi and balance or not balance of this energy are effective in meridian and soul and body