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In china traditional medicine it is believed that circulation of life energy in body is through meridians.

Kohl and Long explained the effect of pressure medicine such as the following:

Pressure or intrigue by needle is “stress” so due to increasing electronic potential. The nerve effect result of electronic pressure, transformed not only by parasympaticbut also by nerve system series of sympatric. For Dr. Lanobie : pressure medicine identified through electronic phenomenon and hide features that replaced features of molecules, that all of them follow from quantum rule, for example intriguing of some points of body reduce body temperature about 3or 2 degree , doing this action in another points due to reduction blood pressure , so we should say that the temperature of skin in acupuncture is different of another points , and is higher than another points about 5- 1 degree and this change lasted for 10min, that the significant reduction in this points is about 100/1lower than another points, usually this question raised that pressure or acupuncture medicine what could reduce pain with manual intriguing or  temperature, for example reduce the ache of tooth , some one believe that this issue is possible through placebo , such that injection of morphine in one study 70%and injection water 35% reduced pain in patients, but this issue is not justifying the effectiveness of anti pain of pressure medicine or acupuncture in animals,  since they aren’t able to placebo , and also the effect of acupuncture in children usually were 100%.