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Performing Train Periods
Of China Traditional Medicine (Chi Kung) in Iran

1- Primitive Period

The major parts of programs are such as the following:

  • Introduction on Chi Kung, massage and acupuncture medicine, familiarity with definitions, history and their effects on human body
  • Training respiration techniques in Chi Kung, and its relation with age
  • Training focus techniques in Chi Kung and effects of focus in Chi Kung’s experiences
  • Familiarity with measurement units in body Tsun (cun)
  • Training Chi Kung’s forms for keeping health and increasing life time
  • Familiarity with the circulation way of energy or 14way meridian in body
  • Training techniques for activation Tantin and circulation of energy in little rotation
  • Training method of location of acupuncture medicine points in body
  • Identification and application kinds of needles with acupuncture medicine
  • Familiarity possible events in Chi Kung and acupuncture medicine
  • Training needle planting techniques for increasing safety system in body
  • Familiarity with acupuncture medicine role in diseases; migren, Back ache, neck, knee, fatness, thinness, and respiration digestive diseases

Attachment: training some techniques for identification of diseases in china acupuncture medicine
Period:5 days (intensive course form morning until evening)
Stipend:$4,500 or 3,300 Euro

In the final of the period will test form all of the above sections
Chi Kung organization of Parsian is the only specialized organization of training Chi Kung in Iran